Saturday, 22 January 2011

Owen Jones Private View

Last night was the private view of ERTF's Owen Jones project at Chelmsford Museum. One of ERTF's aims is to promote textile art to schools and museums in our region. This exhibition works on two levels, as a learning tool and as an exhibition of textile work. The research and sketch books for each work is available to view, it's possible to see how the artist approaches their work. There is a display of information on Owen Jones life and work. A programme of workshops is available for schools, universities and adult beginners.

The work in the exhibition is varied and covers textile mediums from Lace to Wearable Art, so something to interest most. The reviews that were received last night from the many visitors were very positive. There were bookings made for the workshops and even two new members for ERTF. Even Owen Jones made some converts, a few visitors told me they were ashamed they had never heard of OJ! They have now so I think ERTF can claim a success in bringing OJ to the masses.

This exhibition will be travelling around the region over the next two years, so if you cant get to Chelmsford Museum, if you wait this exhibition will be visiting a MUSEUM NEAR YOU! Watch this space for further information.

At Chelmsford until 27th March 2011.

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