Friday, 4 December 2009

Anyone Got Anywhere???

Hi fellow oj bloggers-------has anyone got anything to post? Has anyone made a start?? I've just got loads of pattern and colours going the V&A this week I was amazed at the brightness and intensity of the colours of the wallpapers I looked imagine Victorian interiors to be so dingy.........................


  1. My ideas will have to wait until after Xmas - busy with Feb deadlines at the moment!! But colour keeps going round in my head, particularly lemon yellow, which is weird cos its not a colour I'm drawn to usually.
    Is 24th Apr deadline for pieces, or deadline for paperwork relating?

  2. Me too! I keep on thinking about colours and shapes. It's an exciting project, I'm going to start getting something down on paper over Christmas and hopefully start putting some images on here. I am thinking of a wall hanging though, but of course that could change at any point!


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