Friday, 18 December 2009

Time to think

I went to the OJ Study Day at the Warners' Archive in the summer, however apart from downloading my photos I haven't done anything further with what I intend to do for the exhibition.  I've been busy doing craft fairs in order to try and sell my knitted scarves and capes, and what with other Christmas preparations had intended to put it completely on hold until the new year.

However last week I was stuck waiting for a train with nothing to read or do.  So I thought about what I wanted to achieve personally from the project, with design and technical possibilities and experiments, and what I could produce that  would still fit the criteria.  Luckily I did have a small notebook so was able to make a note of these ideas.  And then I remembered something that James Hunting said at the ERTF launch day - that you don't always have to be stitching, designing etc, but that sometimes it is just as important to just sit and think.  


  1. Yes, its certainly good to think things through. Although my effort will not start until NY, in my head, I've got the most brilliant piece of work done! And with no hitches whatsoever, had all the right threads, colours, sewing machine purred the whole way through... oh sorry was daydreaming...

  2. While your dreaming could you do mine too! Happy christmas.


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